028 – Financial independence with blogger Physician on Fire

August 29, 2017 Nii Darko 9

This episode I’m choppin’ it up with the anonymous and famous physician blogger Physician on Fire! Started back in January 2016, Physician on Fire is a website on personal finance, early retirement, medicine and everything in between. From humble beginnings to now one of most visible physician personal blogs out there – […]

027 – Drs Jamil & Idries Abdur-Rahman from Twin Doctors TV

June 28, 2017 Nii Darko 0

To educate, inspire, entertain. That’s the motto of our next guests – Drs Jamil & Idries Abdur-Rahman. They are the talent behind the popular TwinDoctorsTV website and YouTube channel. Both are board certified Ob/Gyn docs, both practice in Chicago, and if you haven’t noticed – they are identical twin brothers. On […]

024 – The new face of old fashioned medicine

May 16, 2017 Nii Darko 0

For some time now, technology has been both disruptive and a force for change to even the most stubborn of industries. Dr. Paula Muto hopes that what Uber has done to the taxi industry, her company (UberDoc) can do to healthcare. UberDoc is a web application that makes it easy […]

023 – Top 3 themes of success from my guests

April 21, 2017 Nii Darko 2

Another solo episode. This one I discuss the top 3 themes I’ve observed throughout all of my Docs Outside the Box interviews. Make sure you share this one! Music: Venomous/Dope Rap Instrumental/KYU Tracks SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | GooglePlayMusic | Stitcher

022 – 5 Minutes of Positivity

April 10, 2017 Nii Darko 2

You never know where you’ll  find inspiration.  I found some inspiration in the weirdest of places recently – on call during nightshift. I was challenged to put the script away and basically just freestyle a show. Music: Venomous/Dope Rap Instrumental/KYU Tracks SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | GooglePlayMusic | Stitcher

Dr. Latisha Rowe

021 – Click your way into the future

April 7, 2017 Nii Darko 6

My next guest is Dr. Latisha Rowe, CEO of Click It Clinic. Click It Clinic provides practice management support to allow physicians to interact and treat their patients virtually. For those who don’t know, telemedicine is touted as the next frontier in how physicians and patients will interact in the future. […]

020 – Medical education on a sisterly level

March 26, 2017 Nii Darko 0

Imagine getting a chance to work and do something meaningful with your best friend all the time. My next two guests –  Drs. Gameli Dekayie-Amenu & Chantal Stephens-Archer get to do that on a daily basis with their passion project BestiesMD. Best friends since meeting in college at the University […]

Dr. Draion M. Burch, DO (Dr. Drai) © Omar Farlow

019 – Dr Drai on building momentum with coaching

February 16, 2017 Nii Darko 1

I’m bringing back an old friend to Docs Outside the Box – Dr. Drai. Dr. Drai was featured on episode 3 where we talked about his breaking point from a pure clinical practice. Dr. Drai continues to be sought after by media for his medical opinions, but now he’s taking his physician […]