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On this episode, I get to talk to Dr. Jason Westin, who is running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District in Texas. I’m a big fan of public service as well as the ability to rally groups under a unified goal. That being said, have you seen the approval rating of Congress lately?!?! Westin thinks he has the answer to this and believes being a physician gives him a unique advantage to reach across the aisle. Based on the views on his viral launch video, he’s off to a fast start!

And watch out! It looks like he’s not the only physician running for office. Fueled by the 2016 elections, there are numerous physicians throughout the United States running for office. Let’s see if they’ll all consider coming on the show?

Things you’ll get from this episode:

  • How he juggles a busy practice with running for Congress
  • What his colleagues think of his congressional run
  • The effects of money on our current political atmosphere
  • Why he’s optimistic that he can win in a district that hasn’t elected a Democrat in close to 50 years
  • His thoughts on net neutrality
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc


Learn more about Jason Westin, MD and his candidacy:

  • westinforcongress.com
  • Twitter: @DrWestinForTX07


Docs Outside the Box Nation FB group: docsotbnation.com


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