Take the headache out of starting your own business

starting your own business


Get your notepad and pen ready! Class is in session. This episode we’ll be talking with Art Steele, Host of the Legal-EASE Podcast for Entrepreneurs. Art Steele is a business and intellectual property lawyer who has a passion for working with entrepreneurs and creatives alike. I am a big fan of her show and it has helped me to get things in order for our businesses.

She will be giving us an excellent tutorial on things that we never think of such as:

  • Legalizing your website
  • What type of contracts to use in our businesses
  • Entities to choose for your business and even the tax implications
  • How to find the right lawyer
  • Top 5 mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business


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  1. Hey doc, good morning. Just heard you on Farnoosh’s podcast and I’m wondering if you have Nurse Practitioners you have counseled or educate to live out side the box. I’ve been an NP for 20 years and see a lot of problems but not sure how to get started. Let me know if you have input, suggestions or ideas for mentors. Thanks so much.! Just getting started with your podcast today!
    Lisa Lowe

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