044 – From class clown to Doc Outside the Box

Outside the Box


My next guest is Dr. Buck Parker. As a self-proclaimed class clown in high school, Dr. Parker is having the last laugh living his life outside the box. On the surface, Dr. Parker is an acute care surgeon working in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Underneath that is a man who is chasing his childhood dreams. On this episode, we get to learn more about him, including how he built a million-dollar internet business as a resident. He also was a castaway and medical expert on the NBC reality TV show The Island.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

• How “limiting” thoughts can affect your trajectory in life
• His thoughts on Physician Burnout
• His aspirations to create an online medical school
• How he built a million-dollar internet business as a general surgery resident
• How he answers #imnotjustadoc


Learn more about Dr. Buck Williams:


IG: drbuckparker

Youtube: youtube.com/buckparkermd

Music: G wiz – The View- soundcloud.com/gwizdb


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