043 – How we slayed $662K of student loan debt in 3 years


DOTB Nation!

This past December, my wife and I finally slayed $662K in student loan debt! It was a long three year process of taking extra shifts, reducing our living expenses, and living on beans and rice (maybe even Ramen Noodles).  We got a ton of emails, Facebook messages, and Direct Messages on Twitter about how the hell we accomplished this. I strongly believe in giving you all ACTIONABLE tips on every episode. This one ain’t different.

On this episode, I’m joined by my better half –  Dr. Renee Volny-Darko. We get real as we talk the highs and lows of going 0 to 100 with our student loan payback!!

Things you’ll pick up in this episode:

  • Individual debt vs Married debt
  • Our struggle with whole life insurance
  • Developing a healthy emergency fund
  • Budgeting
  • Running the numbers
  • Importance of small wins with debt
  • The regret we had about some of the sacrifices we made

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  1. This was an awesome episode! Congratulations on your major accomplishment! Thanks #TeamDarko for being so transparent & sharing the details of your story. As someone who also have 6 figures of student loan debt that seems insurmountable it is helpful to know that is possible to pay off student loan debt in a timely way. I always get so much out of DOTB thanks for keeping it going. On another note I do think Dr. Renee makes a great co host 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing. It’s one of the best kept secrets among doctors that they are struggling with student loan debt. Glad to know this episode helped! More great episodes to come. Keep listening.

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