040 – Getting real with physician burnout

physician burnout
physician burnout


I think it’s safe to say my next guest is finding success being very comfortable in her own skin. After this interview with Dr. Nisha Mehta, you’ll see how being honest about what you really want in life can be the winning formula that we all search for.

Dr. Mehta is a radiologist practicing in Charlotte, NC. She is making a name for herself as a writer and speaker on the topics of physician burnout, wellness, and finances. She’s been featured in notable print and electronic media including Forbes Magazine, KevinMD, and the Huffington Post.

On this episode, we talk about how physicians can get lost in the grind of – being a doctor. Dr. Mehta shares when she and her husband (Plastic Surgeon) finally got real with each other and talked about living their life in the NOW. For all you delayed gratifiers and Type A personalities…this one is for you!

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What the breaking point was for Dr. Mehta in her daily rat race
  • How they both starting making decisions that prioritize living in the NOW
  • How she learned to speak and write freely about things she couldn’t in the past
  • Top tips for docs looking to write for News media outlets:
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc

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  1. I am a non-traditional pre-med student and love writing! I love writing about various topics within healthcare such as global health topics, people within medicine, medical student loan debt, etc. My question for Dr. Mehta is what are your suggestions on being able to carve out time in medical school and beyond to allot for writing? I have a lot of great ideas but it takes me long time for the writing process. I appreciate your insight and for this podcast! One of my mentors, Dr. Dale Okordudu recommended this podcast and it has been a game-changer! Thank you for your advice, service, and inspiring the next generation of physicians!

    • Hi Milan! Thanks so much for the feedback and kind words! Glad you enjoyed the podcast, and that you’ve found something that you’re passionate about. I honestly think that you won’t have a hard time carving out time to write if it’s something that you really enjoy – we all need activities to destress and unwind, and for me, that’s my writing. So, although I have a hard time finding time for things I don’t enjoy (cleaning my house, for one!), I can usually find time to write at the end of the day. You’ll find a time that works for you, and sometimes setting that time will actually make you more efficient with the other things you have to do, such as study – knowing that you have an endpoint where you’re scheduled to do something else is good and can be a great break. Good luck as you progress down this pathway – it’s a wonderful one, and keeping up with your interests will make it even more fulfilling!

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