032 – Dr. Kenyon Meadows thinks outside the box on his finances.

Dr. Kenyon Meadows thinks outside the box on his finances
Dr. Kenyon Meadows thinks outside the box on his finances

Most studies say expect the stock market to crash about every eight years. Basically its 2017 and we’re overdue for one. Having a diversified market portfolio can help defray the risk, but if a crash like 2008 occurs again, how can you protect yourself better?

My next guest believes he has a better way to invest and handle risk. Dr. Kenyon Meadows is on the show to talk about investing in alternative assets and his book Alternative Financial Medicine – High Yield Investing in a Low Yield World. Alternative assets are assets that are not considered the traditional types like stocks and bonds. Dr. Meadows believes these assets not only can help to diversify portfolios, but also produce a pretty good yield even when traditional assets are tanking.

Kenyon originally hails from Youngstown, Ohio. He completed his undergraduate and medical school degrees at Case Western Reserve University. Afterwards, he completed his Radiation Oncology training at the University of Florida. Dr. Meadows currently practices full-time in southeast Georgia. He has been featured in numerous media outlets including: MSN Money, Alternative Investment Coach, and the Bigger Pockets Podcast.

Things to pick up in this episode:

What are alternative assets

His top 2 tips for success on online crowd-funding sites

We talk about what is peer to peer lending

How he handled large student debt and investing

How he answers #imnotjustadoc


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Check out The White Coat Investor’s review of Dr. Meadows’ book: http://bit.ly/2wNy72v

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