023 – Top 3 themes of success from my guests

Another solo episode. This one I discuss the top 3 themes I’ve observed throughout all of my Docs Outside the Box interviews. Make sure you share this one!

Music: Venomous/Dope Rap Instrumental/KYU Tracks

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  1. just discovered you and love what you’re doing! I’ve listened to just a couple of podcasts so far and I am already a fan. I just listened to the top 3 themes of success – great content! Help motivate me to keep working hard and to follow my heart!

    Since you mentioned that we should always seek to be better, I have only 1 suggestion – remember that sound quality is important to keep your podcast professional. Minimizing auditory distractions is important to help your listener fully engaged with your excellent content. I think you got about 3 text messages/notifications on your phone during the podcast… If you can be vigilant to avoid those distractions – everything will be on point! thank you again!

    • Caroline,
      Psyched to know that you enjoyed the show! Definitely appreciate the constructive feedback on the show. In order to prevent stagnation in format, I’ve been changing things up including using less scripted talk and in this occasion – recording straight to my cell phone while driving. Don’t worry…I’ve taken your concerns to heart and will continue to strive to give my audience the best audio for each show. Please consider leaving a review on iTunes and sharing with others who you think this may help.

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