021 – Click your way into the future

Dr. Latisha Rowe
Dr. Latisha Rowe

My next guest is Dr. Latisha Rowe, CEO of Click It Clinic. Click It Clinic provides practice management support to allow physicians to interact and treat their patients virtually. For those who don’t know, telemedicine is touted as the next frontier in how physicians and patients will interact in the future. With well over 30 physicians in her network, Dr. Rowe and Click It Clinic are definitely a force to be reckoned with to her competitors.

After graduating from University of Miami for college, she went north and obtained her MD at Temple University School of Medicine. Baylor College of Medicine is where she chose to get her Family Medicine training.

Things to pick up in this episode:

  • Learn about how the fear of failure AND success can cripple you
  • We talk about the quote, “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you ask for”
  • What’s the buy-in for patients and doctors with telemedicine
  • The difference between partners in business and the employer/employee relationship
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc


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  1. Loved this episode so much!! Can’t wait to look up her business when I (someday) become a physician! Absolutely love your podcast!

    • Amanda, glad you enjoy the podcast. Please share this podcast to people who you think will benefit from this! Also leave a review on iTunes!!

  2. This is such an inspiring podcast! Every episode is better than the last! I just got into medical school and Dr. Darko has made me realize that the medical field has countless opportunities and we can be whatever we want to be. We only get one life so lets make it count and LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX! Thank you again for all you do, Dr. Darko! I can’t thank you enough!

    • Hi Adriana,

      Love the energy with your reply. I think I found the new ending to my podcast. Listen up for my next show!!

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