013 – An anesthesiologist taking the pain away from the home buying experience

Dr. Peter Kim
Dr. Peter Kim

On this episode, I get to chat with Dr. Peter Kim. Dr. Kim did his undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University, and then attained his medical degree (MD) from University of Maryland School of Medicine. Currently he is an anesthesiologist in Los Angeles, California. Peter’s session is a bit different than my previous interviews. Why? Well, the common theme shared by my other guests revolved around leveraging our credentials for media presence or achieving financial freedom.

Although Dr. Kim loves the idea of financial freedom, his story is about disrupting the real estate industry with his company – Curbside Real Estate . The impetus to start the company came from his frustrations while purchasing a home and wondering why there wasn’t a better way for busy professionals like himself. Curbside Real Estate touts being able to streamline the process of purchasing a home for busy professionals by using a preferred network of realtors and mortgage loan lenders. The company is even touting no private mortgage insurance (that’s a big deal)!

Check out the website for Curbside Real Estate – www.curbsiderealestate.com

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The story behind the creation of Curbside Real Estate
  • What role social responsibility plays in his company as well as the positive impact it has in less developed areas of the world
  • How he overcame being timid about his business with colleagues
  • The current top 3 mistakes physicians are making when purchasing a home
  • Lifehacks he uses to balance a full clinical schedule with being a family man and now a successful entrepreneur
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc


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